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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Your ceremony packages are priced higher than many other area officiants in the area why is that?

 A: My ceremony packages are priced to reflect the comprehensive level of service and dedication I provide. Each ceremony is meticulously crafted           through an extensive behind-the-scenes process spanning approximately 15-18 hours. This encompasses the development and refinement of the ceremony script, customization of vows and supplementary elements, production of reader cards, coordination of vendor schedules, rehearsal planning, travel logistics, marriage license processing, and the creation of personalized keepsakes. As this is my primary profession and not a side hustle, I commit myself fully to each wedding, limiting my workload to one event per week. This ensures that undivided attention is given to every detail of your special day, guaranteeing a seamless and memorable experience." I take advanced and continued education very seriously and am a graduate and Certified Life-Cycle Celebrant from the Celebrant Institute and Foundation. Each year I spend hours keeping up to date on the latest ceremony training and trends both in person and through national and international training programs.

Q. How does it all work once we book our wedding date with you?

A. Depending on the date of your wedding we will plan our first 1 hour "ceremony planning session" about 2 months before the big day. During this fun and fast-paced workshop, we will cover all the aspects of your ceremony and your ceremony script.  

  • This includes everything you are considering from vows, and ring exchange, including family and friends, special ceremony enhancements, entrances, lineups and so much more.

  • I will then create your finished ceremony minus your love story based on the information you provide for your review and edits. 

  • Following the delivery of your first ceremony to edit, each of you will receive an email with your couples survey to fill in online at your convenience. This survey includes the details of how you met, your first date, impressions, proposal, and what you love about each other. You will also provide me with a couple of emails for family and friends.

  • You will then fill out your survey (hopefully without reading each other's replies) so I can see the "differences and similarities" to your stories. It makes it fun and exciting when I am creating your story to share with you and your guests. 

  • I will email the special family and friends you have provided contact info for and ask them to describe your relationship,  what they know about your proposal, how you met, and what they love most about you. 

  • Once I have the details I will weave together all these elements to compose a complete, charming, and heartfelt narrative, "your love story":

  • Including your first date memories,

  • The tale behind your proposal,

  • What you love about each other in your own words,

  • Words from your beloved friends and family, about your love and relationship

  • And the significance of your wedding day as you exchange vows promising lifelong devotion and support to one another."

  • I prefer not to share the love story with you until your wedding day as it makes it a fun, sweet, and exciting part of the ceremony. I share only the best parts of what you have told me and keep it rated G for all your guests to enjoy and remember for years to come. (you do have the option to review it if you must).

  • As a final part of your ceremony creation, I create a ceremony schedule for your vendors to follow.I send this to them a week before your wedding date.

  • I conduct a fun but thorough rehearsal arriving 30 min before and working with your planner or vendor coordinator to ensure a smooth wedding day.

  • I arrive 45 min before your scheduled ceremony time to meet with vendors and ensure the ceremony space is perfect.

  • We get you married.

  • I have the witnesses sign your marriage certificate either during the ceremony (European style) or after we are done.

  • I then process your signed license with the town of origin in compliance with Maine Marriage Laws. 

  • I send you your keepsakes.

Q. What areas do you travel to?

A. My package pricing includes all round trip travel within 2 hours or 100 miles from my home in Standish, ME. Most ceremonies I officiate are located in Southern Maine in the counties of Cumberland, York, Oxford, and Androscoggin. Please see my service page for travel details.

Q. Do you charge a fee for rehearsals?

A. Your rehearsal date is included as part of my ceremony services. I will typically arrive 30 min before we are ready to begin your rehearsal. I work with your planner or vendor if they are present to be sure things planned go seamlessly. If you are not planning a location/venue rehearsal we will schedule a Zoom rehearsal to be sure no details or plans are missed. 

Q. What makes you qualified to officiate weddings in Maine?

A. I am a certified Lifecycle Celebrant trained in all aspects of creating and officiating ceremonies for weddings, and funerals. I am ordained through the American Marriage Ministries,  I am a licensed and insured Maine Marriage Officiant (#MO97671) and a Maine Notary. I have officiated over one hundred wedding ceremonies to date.

Q. What other services do you offer?

A.​ There are 3 additional ceremony officiant services that I currently offer: 

  •  1 on 1 officiant coaching (if they are a family member or friend) before your wedding day to be sure they are prepared and know exactly how to run your ceremony. $75 per hour. Coaching can be done by phone, video, or in person if you are in the Greater Portland area.

  • Create your love story for you to use in your ceremony. $250

  • Write your complete wedding ceremony and vendor schedule for your officiant (including the notes and directions for a flawless delivery) $500

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