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My name is Alise Snyder

I am a Certified Lifecycle Celebrant,

Maine Wedding Officiant, and 

Maine Notary.

I live a mellow life on a small farm in Southern Maine with my husband of 29 years, 3 dogs, 2 cats, a horse, and a mini donkey named Michael.

I love (besides my family and pets): hanging with my husband and kids, traveling, reality tv on Monday nights, a great glass of wine, all types of music, going to antique fairs, sappy/cheesy romance movies from the '90s - 2000s, vintage clothing, chocolate cake, and a sunny day spent at the beach listening to Kenny Chesney.

I graduated from the  Celebrant Institute in New Jersey with certifications in both Wedding and Coupling Ceremonies and Funerals/End of Life Ceremonies. I am a Maine Notary Pubic, and ordained through the American Marriage Ministries enabling me to officiate just about anyplace in the United States. 

As a Certified Lifecycle Celebrant and professional Maine wedding officiant,

I feel continually blessed to be part of such a special and transformational day for a couple. I am a true romantic at heart, and love every minute of a wedding ceremony, seeing the look in everyone's eyes when a couple begins their walk down the aisle (bigger tear-jerker moment), as couples say their vows of love and commitment and the moment the parents realize the depth of their love for their children as they let them go...(biggest tear-jerker moment for me).

Random things about me:

  • I read tarot cards for myself and others and have a huge collection of decks.

  • My most favorite places to visit are Key West, any beach with a palm tree and Glastonbury, England. 

  • I have visited Stonehenge.. amazing and also had a crazy/haunting experience at the stones in Avebury.

  • I am an introspective, introvert at heart, BUT, I try my best to be an extrovert ... I do find sometimes a nice cocktail helps lol. 

  • I value kindness, honesty, and hard work. 

  • I most definitely do not have an A-Type personality but appreciate and am amazed by those who do I also choose kindness over confrontation.

  • I am a good roller my younger days I was really good. 

  • I went to culinary school until I got to the "meat prep" section...couldn't do it, but I must say ... I am a great baker. 

  • I am an internationally trained hair and makeup artist. I worked professionally for over 20 years throughout New England both behind the scenes on hundreds of private events and professionally with news stations/crew, as part of film crews and with production companies.

  • I am currently enrolled in the Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids celebrant ceremonies training program for Weddings, Baby Naming and Life Ceremonies...always trying to keep my knowledge fresh and up to date. 

Now you know about me. I can't wait to meet and hear more about you!
Cheers to you and your wedding day!! Alise Snyder